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Ez Post Holes & Footings

Residential and Commercial Post-hole digging services
Post-hole digging services in Ontario
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Ez Post holes and Fences

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Most Important Thing To Remember...

One of the most significant decisions you will make is choosing the right contractor for your project, be it a fence, aluminum railings, post holes or deck restoration,  It seems to be critical that you understand the services and goods being offered for your project. We take great pleasure in our high level of client satisfaction and our reputation for providing quality products and services.



With almost 2 decades of expertise in the construction business, we are confident  we can tackle any project.


We are problem solvers, no matter what the issue is... there is always a solution. We are happy to bring our knowledge and out of the box thinking to your project.


The fact that we are still around after 16 years of building, installing and digging should be a clear sign that we are here to stay, we have the knowledge and expertise to complete the work.

Hand-Digging post holes can be a extremely demanding task, and can lead to a Serious Back Injury.

Risking it! may not be very wise! It is advisable to leave the post hole digging to Ez Service Pros, as it is a laborious and time-consuming. Buried Debris, Rocks and Boulders, Clay, etc. etc., are sometimes too much for our bodies to handle, not to mention the 42inch depth of the postholes or 48inch depth of the footings.


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Barrie, Ontario

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