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Fence construction Post-hole digging service

  • The majority of wood fences are built with 8' post spacing between centers. The main cause is that most dimensional timber comes in lengths of 8 or 16 feet. Additionally, rail sagging is likely to occur when spacing exceeds 8 feet.

  • Does the fence need to be spaced apart from the ground? It may be challenging to edge around your fence, mow, and pull weeds when there is uneven ground cover or landscaping. Rather than getting stuck under the fence and keep the wood moist, leaves and other waste can be readily cleaned up thanks to some space. Ez provides Fence construction Post-hole digging service

  • How deep should a fence post be in Ontario? By this guideline, a six-foot-high finished post should be buried two to three feet into the ground and an eight-foot fence would require a depth of 32 inches to 4 feet.

Post hole digging service
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  • Which codes apply to the installation of posts and fences? Make sure your plans meet with local codes, No permits are required for building a fence, so you can begin building your new fence as soon as you find the right fence builder, an example of that is Chris from Contact Here. This will guarantee that your project will go without any flaws and that the proposed idea complies with laws controlling things like: 1. Reverses from the property line 2. Height limitations (defined based on the side of the property) 3. Distance from nearby buildings or properties 4. Appropriate building supplies 5. Obstruction of traffic sight on corner lots 6. Interference with swales for drainage 7. The perimeter of a pool Additionally, there can be limitations unique to newly developed subdivisions, which you should discuss with your contractor, it is very important that your preferred fence builder or post-hole digging contractor have enough experience in the field!

Fence construction
Wood Fence Contractors

  • It's essential to remember that fence-post hole needs to have barrel-shape, and a constant diameter all the way from top to bottom. A hole in the shape of a cone will result from using a standard shovel, while hand digging. Alternatively, use a post-hole digging service provider to expedite and simplify the process; such a provider can be found at, your local fence builder. Taking the task of post-hole digging upon oneself can be a task that you may come to regret particularly if you are working with difficult soil.

  • What is necessary for concrete filling? Begin with a gravel basis?...*Many would suggest it's a good idea to deposit at least 4 inches of clear, clean 3/4-inch gravel at the base of your fence post, to help extend its lifespan... at, they will come to all job-site for a closer observation, only than the process can continue.

post-hole digging service
Post-holes and Fences Ontario

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